Friday, January 06, 2006

Eminent Domain?

Eminent Domain is a 'lot of hogwash.' Why would anyone want to keep a place in good repair if some 'big shot' could come along and use Eminent Domain to take over the place? Let's go to Washington and use Eminent Domain on the homes of the Supreme Court Justices - see if they would approve of that. If those that want the homes would pay the price to get a new updated home, paid for in all plus moving costs and any new furniture that might be needed then people might not mind. However, they want to give their idea of a price which would cause the people to have to get another place and be in debt for years. Most of these people have lived in their homes for years and those homes are paid in full. Many are senior citizens living on limited incomes.

Sure, 'big shots who have political power' can wield a 'big stick' and, perhaps, with 'a little under the table gift' can get their way. That doesn't make it right. Fair is fair and why buy a house, pay taxes, pay insurance, pay for and keep up repairs when it might and could be taken away by Eminent Domain? Something to think of, politicians.

PS. Exercise eminent Domain on the Supreme Court building and put a Walmart in its place.

Gas Prices Too High

Well, drivers, blame yourselves. If there wasn't a high demand for gas then prices would come down. All of you with those SUVs, luxury vehicles make the gas companies know that they can raise prices and still sell the gas. Drive the nation's highways and no one seems to drive the speed limit on those highways. Seems just about everyone goes at least 10 to 20 or more miles above the limit. That, my friends, uses more gas.

We drive the speed limit on the highways and we get remarks, the 'finger', and the deep roar of a motor when they pass us. Funny, they don't seem to get places any faster but they do endanger themselves and others. Tell me just why everyone seems to want a car that just eats gas. Our car gets us where we want to be, doesn't use a lot of gas because we do not drive 'H--- bent for leather.' Try dropping your speed limits and you'll also see that you use less gas. Also, try making your kidlets try a little walking. Drive by the schools and see all the new high-powered cars, SUVs, etc., on the lots. Kids don't just drive to school, they drive around and show off. Drop the demand for gas and you'll drop the gas prices. If something doesn't sell then companies lower prices to sell the item. Companies are in business for profit and do not give things free just to make people like them. Something to think about.

Atheism is a Religion

Tell me just what have the 'atheists' got against religion? Whether they realize it or not they are in a religion but they just don't believe in God. Why? Every good and successful business has a boss, someone in charge. The same goes for the world. The one in charge of the world you could call the boss - Allah, Mohammed, even, if you wish, Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Big Shot, whatever - but I call the boss of the world... GOD.

"In God we trust." The atheists should mind their religion and leave other people's religion alone. The Ten Commandments are just 'ten rules of law.' The bible is not a 'hate book' but just tells things that have happened and predicts things that might or will happen. Money is just a piece of transfer for items received. So why should the atheists care about any of those? Since they don't believe why does it bother them what others believe?

Maybe it is because they don't like it that others are happy in their belief of God. Having a belief in God and life after death is what keeps some people obeying laws and being good on Earth.

By the way, I have been around some 'atheists' who passed on to the 'great sleep' and before they went to the 'great sleep' they asked to have a priest - so much for their belief.

Divide and Conquer

Folks, get behind and give 100% support to our President G. W. Bush. Do you realize that the saying "divide and conquer" could become true in the United States. That is exactly what terrorists are trying to do.

What some of you don't realize that by the way you seem to be against G. W. Bush you are doing exactly what they want. If there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before the war, then tell me just exactly what was being taken out of the country to various other countries.

Too much time passed so that they were able to get rid of the contraband. So by the time the area was checked, there was nothing there. Male terrorists have been raised to believe that when they become live bombs they will get many virgins as their reward. Tell me just what the female terrorists have been promised. If this was all so, just why don't the leaders such as Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden themselves become live bombs?

Peace in this world is a must, otherwise the United States will never be safe. As long as the terrorists can do their thing, we will be sitting on a time bomb. So back G. W. Bush 100% all the way.