Friday, January 13, 2006

English Language Only

In the United States the only language spoken outside of homes should be English. I boarded a plane and got off in Florida when my daughter took me on a cruise. I thought I had landed in Spain. I asked questions as where to get my luggage and a bus to get to the ship. All I got was 'non comprende' and 'non speaka da henglish.'

Not knowing where to go I walked around and discovered the luggage carrier was an English-speaking person. Now that we have so many immigrants speaking foreign languages it is imperative that before they can become citizens they should learn English.

If we go to any other country we have to know their language. Just why should we have to have things in so many languages which is an extra cost? If they want to speak their language at home, alright, but out on the street why should we have various languages? If they don't want to learn English then they should return to their former homes.

Walk around and understand that people just don't seem to care that they should learn to speak English. So don't spend all that money to put various things in different languages to appease them. English is and should be the only language of the United States. My grandparents had to know English before they could become citizens. So, why not now?


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