Friday, January 06, 2006

Eminent Domain?

Eminent Domain is a 'lot of hogwash.' Why would anyone want to keep a place in good repair if some 'big shot' could come along and use Eminent Domain to take over the place? Let's go to Washington and use Eminent Domain on the homes of the Supreme Court Justices - see if they would approve of that. If those that want the homes would pay the price to get a new updated home, paid for in all plus moving costs and any new furniture that might be needed then people might not mind. However, they want to give their idea of a price which would cause the people to have to get another place and be in debt for years. Most of these people have lived in their homes for years and those homes are paid in full. Many are senior citizens living on limited incomes.

Sure, 'big shots who have political power' can wield a 'big stick' and, perhaps, with 'a little under the table gift' can get their way. That doesn't make it right. Fair is fair and why buy a house, pay taxes, pay insurance, pay for and keep up repairs when it might and could be taken away by Eminent Domain? Something to think of, politicians.

PS. Exercise eminent Domain on the Supreme Court building and put a Walmart in its place.


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