Friday, January 06, 2006

Atheism is a Religion

Tell me just what have the 'atheists' got against religion? Whether they realize it or not they are in a religion but they just don't believe in God. Why? Every good and successful business has a boss, someone in charge. The same goes for the world. The one in charge of the world you could call the boss - Allah, Mohammed, even, if you wish, Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Big Shot, whatever - but I call the boss of the world... GOD.

"In God we trust." The atheists should mind their religion and leave other people's religion alone. The Ten Commandments are just 'ten rules of law.' The bible is not a 'hate book' but just tells things that have happened and predicts things that might or will happen. Money is just a piece of transfer for items received. So why should the atheists care about any of those? Since they don't believe why does it bother them what others believe?

Maybe it is because they don't like it that others are happy in their belief of God. Having a belief in God and life after death is what keeps some people obeying laws and being good on Earth.

By the way, I have been around some 'atheists' who passed on to the 'great sleep' and before they went to the 'great sleep' they asked to have a priest - so much for their belief.


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