Thursday, November 24, 2005

Giving Thanks (Lest we Forget)

The following from my son:

* Let us all rise, those of us who are able, during a time when life is a little bit unstable. Lest we forget, those who have served. The utmost respect--do they all deserve. During World War One, we were all strong. From World War Two, freedom followed along. We fought in Korea, our flag proudly flew high. We brought freedom to those folks, yet no one questioned why. Vietnam was a twist, with our draft dodgin' boys, but still we brought those people, a touch of freedom joys.

Our military has fought and died from the beginning. A death of honor. A life fought to bring freedom and peace to the folks here and abroad. In Iraq because of oil, I think not. Remember folks, Saddam 'The Dictator' killing the Kurds, his own people with chemical weapons. Oh, that's right, no weapons of mass destruction were found. Ha! And lest we forget veterans are offered a hand (not a hand out) when they are down and out.

I guess it is true, that people today don't give a damn about honoring our surviving veterans and those who have passed from prior wars. And thus they don't really give a damn about what our freedom cost. I can't understand people who don't have the ability to back the war effort, by supporting our president in his fight for freedom across the globe. Lest we forget September 11? The troops that are dieing, are dieing in part because of all the crap of the U.S. not supporting as a whole what they are doing in Iraq.

Hey folks! If you believe in what the troops are doing, then we on the home front should do the same and show our support. *Remember: United we stand, divided we fall. A fight for freedom, for us all.*

And what about weapons of mass destruction not being found? I seem to recall satellite photos of truckload after truckload being driven out of Iraq before the invasion. You remember, when the U.N. was dragging its feet (hats off to the U.N.). Oh, that must have been truckloads of cotton candy and sodie pop. Yeah, that's a better story to tell.

Peace, and God bless us one and all.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Will The Arch Be Next?

Well folks, the breaking up of Busch Stadium is in progress, which was built to stand up against just about any kind of disaster, not even a crack (except in the taxpayers pocket)-wonder what will be next?

Forty years old? Oops... could "The Arch" be next? How about the Old Cathedral, The Civil Courts Building, even City Hall? Who says that when a building is forty years old it should be put out of existance? Go over to Europe and see all of the beautiful old buildings that people all over the world travel to see and admire. Busch Stadium is (er) was a beautiful building that could have and would have been around indefinitely. Of course, the "Well-Oiled Wheels" in charge of the new stadium would not be getting tax dollars relief if Busch Stadium was kept in use. Wonder what it will cost for tickets? Will families be able to go out to games without costing them an arm and a leg? Wonder if the new stadium will hold up for forty years? Wonder what will happen if an accident on the highway lands over in the new stadium? I don't think anyone has thought of that possibility. Wonder what happens if the fans decide not to pay the prices for seats and parking and refreshments or even do not attend any games - or even watch them on television?

Abortion is Murder!

Young women can have an abortion without any consent from their parents? Wrong idea! If a daughter of mine would have had that done without my knowledge and she suffered some kind of consequences because of that, then whoever performed the abortion would need to pay for the medical bills and make sure she was well taken care of.

Well, when the government wants to tell one how to raise a child then the government should be responsibile for all the bills. Abortion is murder and also has consequences on the person it is performed on. No life? Wrong! Try this: put a butter bean in a glass and let it sit. Nothing happens. Then add water and the skin peels back and it starts to grow. That same thing happens in life. Until the sperm from the male meets the egg within the woman there is no life. When those two meet infant life begins and you have your baby starting to grow. When you abort that you commit murder. So think before you have sex as you two just might make it three.

Pro-Choice: What's in a womans womb is a rock.
Pro-Life: Have you ever felt a rock kick before?