Saturday, November 05, 2005

G. W. is Right!

Just why are people against the war when if it wasn't taking place over there we just might be fighting it right here in the United States. Do any one of you think that we have some kind of immunity?

G. W. Bush is and has been doing the right thing. Those people were getting the worst kind of treatment. Talk about slavery when someone can rape, kill, and do whatever, that, my friends, is the worst kind of degradation.

Do you wish to experience it? Well, if peace and keeping people free is not given to others, then, it will spread to our shores. Do you wish to have a dictator enslaving you? Don't say it can't happen. It has happened to others so don't sit back and be smug.

Those people were killed wholesale and then all dumped in a huge holes by order of a dictator. That dictator also had weapons which he managed to get out of the country so they wouldn't be found. Had G. W. gone over right away those weapons would have been found, but G. W. did what he thought was right and asked others to come along, so now this dictator had time to get rid of the weapons.

Why don't you people realize our President G. W. Bush is a man with a conscience who backed our country. So get off his back and help him be the great president which history will say he was.