Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sadness Hits St. Louis (Well, not enough hits)

(In your best singing voice):

Well it's crazy in this here town
All the sports teams get you down
No victories can they claim
To the Cardinal's shame, shame, shame
* Goin' down to Houston, Houston, Houston
Now the Astros are World Series bound
All the fans are gatherin' 'round
Their fillin' up the astrodome
It's what the Astros call their home
* Goin' down to Houston, Houston, Houston
Now we can put the Cardinals to rest
'Cause they flunked the playoff test
They proved their not number one
And that's the truth this ain't no pun
* Goin' down to Houston, Houston, Houston
* Goin' down to Houston, Houston, Houston

Like the immortal Jack Buck would say:
"It's a long one going way back, way back - go crazy folks, go crazy - the Astros are World Series bound!"

(Word from the editor: "This is from my number nine child.")

Freedom's Right

People in power working with the "Devil in his Last Hurrah," well educated and well endowed with money have come up with the idea that the Bible is a "Hate Speech Book" and should not be used. Also, that the "Ten Commandments" should not be shown or displayed. The Bible is a recording of past happenings and future predictions. Why should ministers, preachers, and priests not use them. We are entitled to free speech and beliefs with no discriminations of any kind as long as we do not force our beliefs on others. "Live and let live" should be the motto. The "Ten Commandments" are really only "Ten Rules of Law" and if everyone obeyed them, we would have peace on Earth.

Every successful business has someone in authority, call that person by whatever name you want. Folks, my boss of the world is called God. If someone wants to live in different ways, commit crimes, or whatever, each of us has to answer. So make peace with yourself, so you can live in harmony 'til you die. Just don't force your beliefs on anyone else.

When a person dies, they will have to answer for their lifestyle. You don't believe in life after death? Well, that's your right. Leave "The Bible" and the "Ten Commandments" alone.

Organizations and wealthy people are just busy-bodies, as free speech and free beliefs are "Freedom's Rights." Regardless of their wealth and power they should mind their own business.

Regardless of race, color, creed, religion, or whatever, we are all united through our first parents who were Adam and Eve.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Abortion, What's it Good For?

Abortion, what is it good for?

Close your eyes and imagine if you will, a child being born. Yes, through all the powers that be, this child is given life. The first few years are troubling; learning how to walk, talk, and the like. But this child survives.

Enters pre-school, then grade school, graduating into high school with honors. Burning both ends of a candle learning the facts and figures of life. Graduating high school and picking science as his/her Ph.D. in college. And yes, after four years of college; once again graduating with honors, with a Ph.D. in science; this time he/she heads out to external school life. Through trials and tribulations, eventually discovers and all-out-cure for AIDS.

The cure is developed into a pill form. And unlike any trial medications before, this is a proven cure. One pill, period. Yes, you read it right, one pill, period. If a person with AIDS takes onee pill, the immune system turns into some kind of warp recycler and in just a few days the AIDS virus is completely out of the person's system.

But alas, you open your eyes and discover that this child was aborted by his/her mother. And yet people are still dying by the millions from the AIDS virus.

What about Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Abe Lincoln, and many others? If their mothers would have aborted them, just where would we be today?

And what about this pro-choice organization? Should it not be called pro-death -- reason being -- we are killing all these future doctors, scientists, and the list could go on. And should not both parties of a choice - we know the woman's viewpoint, but the child is not permitted to choose? In a just society when a miscarriage occurs, the child in part has chosen. And as for the question I asked in the beginning, I have a two-word answer. I'll give you the question and answer in a nutshell:

"Abortion, what is it good for?"
Absolutely Nothin'!

(A word from the editor: "This came from my ninth child and I decided it should be seen by others.")