Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Will The Arch Be Next?

Well folks, the breaking up of Busch Stadium is in progress, which was built to stand up against just about any kind of disaster, not even a crack (except in the taxpayers pocket)-wonder what will be next?

Forty years old? Oops... could "The Arch" be next? How about the Old Cathedral, The Civil Courts Building, even City Hall? Who says that when a building is forty years old it should be put out of existance? Go over to Europe and see all of the beautiful old buildings that people all over the world travel to see and admire. Busch Stadium is (er) was a beautiful building that could have and would have been around indefinitely. Of course, the "Well-Oiled Wheels" in charge of the new stadium would not be getting tax dollars relief if Busch Stadium was kept in use. Wonder what it will cost for tickets? Will families be able to go out to games without costing them an arm and a leg? Wonder if the new stadium will hold up for forty years? Wonder what will happen if an accident on the highway lands over in the new stadium? I don't think anyone has thought of that possibility. Wonder what happens if the fans decide not to pay the prices for seats and parking and refreshments or even do not attend any games - or even watch them on television?


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